School Performances

Welcome to The O’Shaughnessy!

We are so excited to welcome you and your students to The O’Shaughnessy this season. Below are some FAQs to help with school performance logistics. Thank you for your cooperation and making this an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

For guest parking with small vehicles (not school buses), enter Gate 4 from Fairview Ave (south of Randolph on the east edge of the campus) and park in The O’Shaughnessy lot to your left. Walk towards the water tower and then follow the diagonal path that will lead you to The O’Shaughnessy entrance through the tunnel.

No parking permit is required anywhere on campus when you are attending the school show.

School buses are to enter the campus via Gate 3 on Randolph Avenue (just east of Prior). Continue straight ahead until you reach the speed bump and stop sign on the right-hand side of the road. You will be met there by staff who will assist your group from there. 

A staff member from The O’Shaughnessy will help to guide your group safely off the bus and to the lobby entrance. This entrance is wheelchair accessible on the north and south glass doors of the building which are ramped.

Group pick up will be from the same location.

Please arrive no sooner than 45 minutes before the performance. Upon arrival, you will be met by The O’Shaughnessy staff that will assist your group. Please stay on the bus until you are given directions. Once directions are received, disembark the bus in a safe manner.

  • Be sure to record the name of your bus driver and bus number that will be picking you up.
  • Please check your group in when you arrive in the lobby and let us know your group name and school bus number.
  • When being seated, please take seats orderly as directed. One student per seat. No seat saving.
  • Restrooms are located on the Main Floor level only. Please be seated with your group before moving to the lobby for the restrooms.
  • It is requested that any necessary rearranging take place after all persons of the group are seated.
  • Remember ushers are on-site to help this entire process run smoothly and safely.


On campus parking for school buses is not permitted. Parking on residential streets around campus is also not permitted. Instead, school bus parking is available at: Highland Arena: 800 South Snelling Ave. St. Paul, MN.

Following the performance, schools are dismissed by group name and bus number and in order of the bus’s arrival. Once dismissed, everyone should go directly to their bus. To quicken the dismissal time, head counts should be done as the students are boarding their bus.

After groups are loaded onto their buses, the buses will be guided to exit campus toward Fairview Ave through Gate 4. Following these directions will ensure that Emergency Vehicles have clear access to the campus and The O’Shaughnessy. Under absolutely no circumstances should students be let off their bus on Randolph Ave or anywhere else on campus.

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