Parking & Directions

Parking at The O'Shaughnessy

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Free Parking in The O’Shaughnessy Lot

The O’Shaughnessy is proud to offer free parking. To access our O’Shaughnessy parking lot, enter St. Catherine University Gate #4 from Fairview Avenue and park in The O’Shaughnessy lot. Follow the diagonal path to the tunnel between The O’Shaughnessy and the Music Building to get to the front entrance.

“Permit Required” signs are not applicable during performances.

Accessible Parking for Show Attendance 

Please enter the campus through Gate #3 from Randolph Avenue. Once you enter Gate #3 take a hard right – you will find accessible parking just south of Randolph Avenue. The accessible entrance ramp to the auditorium is located to the right of the Frey Theater entrance down a little side road. You may also continue straight from the Gate #3 entrance and go straight once you have entered Gate #3 where you will find parking spots available behind The O’Shaughnessy or in front of the Butler Center as you keep driving down the Gate 3 entrance road. Once you have parked please proceed to the Music Hall (which is connected to The O’Shaughnessy), where a curved U-shaped ramp to an accessible entrance is located. The Ticket Office is located on the northside of the lobby.

Ticket Office Parking:

If you’re planning to stop by the Ticket Office in person, we do offer weekday parking (limited to fifteen minutes) near the left side entrance to the auditorium via the Gate #3 entrance. The Ticket Office is located right inside that left lobby entrance beyond the Frey Theater entrance. Our Ticket Office hours are Tuesday – Friday from 12-4.

Dropping Off and then Locating Accessible Parking:

For Guest Drop-off, please come early and enter Gate Number 3 off of Randolph Avenue. Drive down the gate 3 road till you reach an overpass sidewalk that leads under the Music Hall. Feel free to park briefly here to transfer the patrons with mobility issues to the O’Shaughnessy itself.

You may not leave your vehicle here longer than it takes to get people inside, so please move your vehicle as soon as you can. There is reserved Accessible Parking nearby if you have a permit, otherwise you will need to proceed back to the main O’Shaughnessy parking lot.






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