Frey Theater

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frey view1The Frey Theater is an intimate black box style performance space that is located in the same complex to the north of The O’Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University. The Frey is the home of the St. Catherine University Theater Department.

The main performance / audience space is roughly 58’ wide and 59’’ feet deep with a tension grid overhead. There is an additional roughly 46.5’ wide by 17.5’ space (the “stagehouse”) upstage of the proscenium. There is very limited fly system in this area upstage of the proscenium with a rope and batten rigging system (no counterweighted rigging.)

frey view2The Frey features a flexible seating riser configuration for up to 200 audience members. The Frey provides an ETC Element lighting console and has a Figure 53 QLab system with standard license for stereo audio playback. The Frey has a wood floor on wood sleepers with a luan surface. Harlequin Studio® floor available. More detailed technical information and CAD drawings available on request.


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