Introducing the inaugural cast of Katie Acts!

Katie Acts

Katie Acts is a variety show featuring talent from every corner of the St. Kate’s community – current students, alums, faculty, staff and even our beloved CSJ’s. These St. Kate’s artists will share their stories in ways that inspire them – through dance, poetry, acrobatics, music and song. Come to the storied Frey Theater and be a witness to the heart and magic of our St. Kate’s community! Featuring original projections, sculpture and design from current St. Kate’s art students as well as a special guest with the award winning SCU Dance Team, President Roloff!

Sengstock and Baxter

Mike Baxter + David Sengstock


Act: Jazz duo, standards from the American songbook

Mike’s virtual music will also be playing before the show and during intermission.

Heather Longmore

Heather Longmore


Act: Original poem, in honor of my father, who turns 80 this year

Delilah Kostad

Delilah Kostad (she/her)

St. Kate’s Student

Act: Singing a song with a track

Veronique Kolibe Gnamikou

Veronique Kolibe-Gnamikou

Act: Poetry + Dance

Elizabeth Palleja

Elizabeth Palleja (she/her)


Act: Ocarina, “Country Roads” by John Denver & “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

Lisa Borneman

Lisa Borneman (she/they)


Act: Ukulele and Banjolele – A few fun songs


Elora Bri

Elora Riley + Bri Vigliotti


Act: Theater scene, scene from act III from The Odd Couple

Juliette Kline

Juliette Klein (she/they)

Act: A handstand act with a modern twist

Catie Madison

Catie Madison


Act: Poetry, Mary Oliver poem and an original poem reflecting on the death of a close friend

Everly Sisters

CSJs Joan, Karen, Therese and Rosie

Sisters of St. Joseph

Act: Songs our brothers sang

St. Kate's dance team

St. Catherine University Dance Team

Act: 2024 halftime route “Barbie World” with special guest, President Roloff!

University Choir

St. Catherine University Choir

Friday night only!

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