Created by Minnesota choreographer Rosy Simas
In Collaboration with The O’Shaughnessy and Ordway

Native choreographer Rosy Simas (Seneca, Heron Clan) creates Weave, a dance project drawn from the interwoven and interdependent nature of our world. In Weave, individual and embodied stories are the vibrant threads that mesh in a performance woven of story, dance, moving image, and sound.

Weave is being created in residencies at The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts (Minneapolis), McKnight Fellowships Residency at MANCC (Tallahassee), The O’Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University (St. Paul), and The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (St. Paul).

Join us for residency and engagement activities
Studio 206, Ivy Arts Building
2637 27th Ave S, Minneapolis
September 17-22, 2018

This residency allows artists to gather everyday and work on the concept of the work and transform ideas into movement. It provides time and space for artists to collaborate together, share ideas, agree, disagree, and add elements of sound and lights to the work.

An open rehearsal allows invites you to watch how artists create their work. What do they discuss?  How does movement influence an idea? What does collaboration look like? It’s an observation experience, letting artists work without interruption, with time at the end for  questions and discussion.

 Led by artist in the project, workshops are opportunities to learn, first hand, how are ideas are transformed into movement.

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