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  • ONE VOICE MIXED CHORUS: Tickets go on sale Jan. 15 for 2 shows on Feb. 22. The STUDENT and SENIOR prices are valid only for TIER 3 seats. And there are literally 33 different promo codes that give different price discounts. GEEZ LOUIZE! The patrons will have to tell you the code to get the price. It should be entered ALL CAPs.
  • PHONE ORDERS UPDATE: The day we have all been waiting for is finally here! We can now Override the “Order Fee” field in Venue POS!
    Why is this so exciting? Because now I have eliminated the PHONE versions of every ticket type!!! That will make it SO much easier to build shows and to manage discounts.
    But what it also means is that you will have to enter the $5 Order Fee manually for EVERY Phone Order. Check with Ross about how to do it if you have questions.
  • Paying for “Reserved Orders”: When customers call to pay for a reserved order–for a school show or accessible tickets for instance–you have three options at the bottom of the payment page. Be sure to click the “Pay and Issue” button, not the “Pay” button. The “Pay” button is for paying a deposit on an order. It collects payment, but does not mark the order as ready to print. When the customer is paying in full, the only way their tickets will print with the Will Call is if you click “Pay and Issue.” Thanks
  • smART PASSES We are once again participating in the MELSA (Metropolitan Libraries) smARTpass program. This is a deal where library patrons can “check out” free tickets to events. The O’Shaughnessy has made limited numbers of tickets available for certain events through this program. If a customer calls to reserve tickets using a smARTpass, they get 2 free tickets per pass. If the customer is reserving by phone, COLLECT ALL OF THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION, process the tickets as Comps, and record the smARTpass code in the “other” section, and hold the tickets at Will Call. Tell the customer that they will need to bring the smARTpass with them to pick up the tickets. If they are getting the tickets in person, collect the pass from them when you give them the tickets. Customers are required to reserve their seats in advance–they cannot walk in on the night of the show and use the pass without a reservation. There is no restriction on where smARTpass customers should be seated, but use your discretion. If there are only a few top-price tickets remaining, and plenty of seats in lower tiers, please seat them in a lower tier area.
  • EQUITY SEATING LANGUAGE: We have instituted a unique way of pricing the tickets. As we usually do, we have three main price tiers, and we are asking you to decide for yourself how much you can afford to pay for your ticket(s). Please choose that Price Level below, and we will assign the best seats available at that price.

    The only difference between this system and most others, is that your seating location is not determined by the price you choose to pay. There are tickets at all price levels scattered throughout the theater, so the relative “quality” of the seat will be determined more by how early you purchase your ticket than by what you choose to pay.

    A production of this scale will always cost more than ticket sales alone can cover, so we ask you to consider purchasing your tickets at the highest price you feel comfortable paying.

    5. We are doing this to improve equity in seating. We want people of different abilities to pay to be able to attend, but we do not want to segregate the audience by the price paid. In order to earn enough money from ticket sales, we need to sell tickets at these prices, and we want to give the more well-off patrons the ability to pay what they are able to pay, while not making it obvious who has paid what to attend.

  • We got a complaint the other day from a patron. She arrived late, and had not received her tickets in the mail as she requested. We reprinted them and gave them to her, but did not direct her as to which side she should enter. She entered House Left, but her seats were on Right, and the ushers did not assist her in finding her seat.

    A number of things went wrong.
    1.  We didn’t mail her tickets–CHECK FOR TICKETS TO BE MAILED EVERY DAY.
    2. We didn’t send her to the correct door–if you’re giving out tickets the day of the show, take a second and direct the customer to the correct side or balcony.
    3. The ushers did not help. Nora will be using this as a training opportunity as well.

  • St Thomas Maps for The O’Shaughnessy Education Center are over on the cubbies to the left

  • PRINT AT HOME/MOBILE TICKETS: We’re getting new guidance from Etix about communicating about Print At Home tickets. The preferred language is now “Mobile Tickets.” I think this will help people on the phone understand what we’re offering.

    Starting now, please say “Our preferred way to get the tickets to you is with Mobile Tickets. We’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to bring your tickets on your phone, or if you access them from a computer, you’ll be able to print them.”

  • TICKET PRICES & EVENT DETAILS: Use the link above to quickly find information about a show–pricing, seating details, etc. Use your downtime between customers to familiarize yourself with every possible detail of the shows so that when a customer asks a question, you know the answer, or know where you can find it.

    You need to be able to provide appropriate detail in your answers to questions. That includes knowing the pricing and tier structure, available discounts, on-sale dates and more. You’ve got plenty of time to read up on it all. Spend your time wisely.

  • NEW ST. KATE’S PRICING: For all of the O’Shaughnessy Presents Dance shows, and for McMahon and Kling, we are offering all St. Kate’s Students, Faculty and Staff $5 Tickets. There is no $5 fee for phone sales for these tickets, if all of the tickets in the order are the $5 seats. So there is no PHONE version of the St. Kate’s Fac/Staff or St. Kate’s Student tickets. 1 $5 ticket per ID.

    St. Kate’s Alums still get the standard $4 off discount, Students of other colleges/universities/schools get $4 off still.

  • 2/2/18 CLARIFICATION OF WILL CALL/REGULAR MAIL PROCEDURES: When you sell tickets by phone to patrons who want Will Call or Regular Mail, please choose “PURCHASE,” and not “PURCHASE AND PRINT.” This way, the tickets will go into their proper batches, and we won’t worry about losing anything.  Note about “REGULAR MAIL” batches. Etix very helpfully changed us back to “REGULAR MAIL (INTERNAL USE)”, so be sure to choose the “Internal Use” option when printing the Tix to Mail batch. The very first thing to do at noon when the Ticket Office opens is to print the batch to mail. Please check in with your cohorts to make sure that one or the other of you has taken care of it.
  • UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, please use Firefox for Etix. Printing in Chrome is messed up–margins are getting reset between each time you print. This doesn’t seem to be happening with FF.
  • 9/26/17 Discount Code Entry: Please note that discount codes must be entered as either all lower case or all caps, no mixed caps, or the discount won’t work.
  • 9/21/17 Phone Sales Script. Because of all of the changes with Etix vs Vendini, and new staff in the TO, I’ve decided to put together a sales script for selling by phone. It is intended to be a suggestion for what to say/when to say it, not something you’re supposed to say word for word. But it should give you guidance on how to help you and your caller move through the process efficiently and get to closing the sale and moving on to the next. It doesn’t walk you through every situation (obviously), but it should help frame issues for the patron if they have confusion. I’ll introduce the script as time allows at your upcoming shifts.
  • 9/19/17 UPDATE ON COMPS AND WILL CALL: There is now a new field on the Venue POS page for “Comp Reason.” Use this field to make note of smART Pass codes, voucher codes, or other information if you are assigning comps. This information will not print out on the Will Call list, or on the ticket, but we can at least collect it if we have to look it up. Also, there is a new Delivery Method: Will Call ($0.00). Please use this now instead of Print at Box Office for Myser Lecture or other comp orders. Thanks!
  • 3/10/17 IMPORTANT: Please count your cash drawer at the beginning and the end of every shift. Weekdays you should always have $100. Performance days you should have $250. If you have a different amount at the beginning or end of your shift, please let me know.
  • Printing Will Call Tickets: Before events, go to the event in Etix, look for the “Printing” option in the left sidebar. Choose “Print Will Call.”
  • 9/28/16 ISSUES WITH CREDIT CARDS: Credit Cards may be declined for a few reasons, but Etix may not tell you which one applies. Here’s what you do if you get a Declined card
  1. Confirm that you have entered the card number correctly.
  2. Confirm that you have entered the correct card type (Visa/MC/Amex/Disc)
  3. Confirm that you have the correct BILLING address
  4. If none of these work, you must get a different method of payment, or abandon the sale.
  • 8/25/17 
  • FYI: Please use plain envelopes and/or reuse envelopes for your daily reports, not letterhead envelopes unless already used. Thanks!
  • We offer complimentary tickets to Sisters of St. Joseph (CSJ) for O’Shaughnessy Presents/Women of Substance events; when a sister calls or stop by, sell them one complimentary ticket and one more for a “CSJ friend” (their guest). They can only get 2 per sister; be sure you get their name, and add “CSJ” after it so we can track how many they use. Then, let Ross know (either face to face or via email if he is not there) you’ve given a sister tickets. If a sister comes and wants to get tickets for other sisters, we need the names of ALL the sisters – you can still just do one order, but be sure to put the other names in the “Comments on Order” box at the bottom of the Payment Information screen. If a sister wants tickets to a non-presents/OShag event, like Nutcracker, let Ross know – he will have to ask the client.


– Some helpful info about ticketing restrictions for discounts:
1 – St. Kate’s students may get one ticket at a discounted rate per ID (this ESPECIALLY applies if tickets are free).
2 – St. Kate’s Faculty, Staff, and Alumnae can get all tickets in their order at the discounted St. Kate Community ticket price.
**This may change depending on the event – it will be on the event info page.
***If the tickets happen to be free, it is valid only at the door or over the phone.

Senior – 65+
Student – depends on event; usually any student with valid ID (typically undergrad college or below)
Child – depends on event; usually 12 and under (still needs a ticket)


– The “Visit Us” page on the external website has changed to having an interactive Google map. First direct patrons to that page on our website, where they click on “Directions” on top of the map, and get the info. If they don’t have internet, you can click on directions, and pull up directions for them and read them off.



– I have added an “Accessibility packet” for patron reference – print it out if they ask, or use it to direct them for parking. Find it here at the end of the “Please give them directions” section.

– When on the phone with patrons:
Be sure to speak up!
Use “Yes” instead of “Yup” or “Yeah.”
Try to limit the use of “Umm” – substitute with
“Let me see” or “I’ll find out,” etc.