Out on a Limb Dance Theater Company - The Tails and Tales of Dr. Dolittle

Mar 28 - Mar 29
$32 - $35

Approximate run time is 80 minutes with an additional 15 minute intermission.

The Tails and Tales of Dr. Dolittle is a fun and touching tribute to one of literature’s most beloved characters. Once a famous doctor who gives up on treating humans when he doubts his ability to cure the sick, he finds new purpose for his talent when he discovers that it is possible to communicate with the animals in their unique languages. His unique skill is celebrated by many, thought to be crazy by some, but in the end, he learns that if he remains disconnected from humans, humans will in turn become disconnected from each other resulting in a sad future indeed. The importance of connectivity becomes the major thread that weaves our story together. 


  • Tuesday, March 28
    Doors: 6:30pm // Show: 7pm
  • Wednesday, March 29
    Doors: 6:30pm // Show: 7pm
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