Lavadeiras - in the Frey Theater

Mar 24 - Jan 01
This performance runs approx. 55 minutes with no intermission. 
Contempo Physical Dance presents the premiere of "Lavadeiras," a new full-length work choreographed by Marciano Silva dos Santos inspired by the Afro-Brazilian washerwomen of Brazil. With original music composition by Divan Gattamorta who utilizes audio by documentarian Edileuza Penha de Souza, this work is inspired by the music and dance that has been passed down for centuries. Their history begins with slave women who earned money for their masters by washing clothes in the rivers. While doing so they sang and danced to keep their spirits joyful despite hard work. These women held on to enough profits to eventually free themselves and their families. Our world is filled with uncertainty and hardship. More than ever, we need to come together and be unified and the washerwomen inspire this, making it undeniable that we need music, dance and human connection.
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