For event parking, please enter St. Catherine University Gate #4 from Fairview Avenue and park in The O'Shaughnessy lot.

Parking for Ticket Purchases: There is now 10-minute parking for ticket purchases during business hours, located on the Northwest end of The O'Shaughnessy.

Accessible Parking for Show Attendance: Please enter the campus through Gate Number 3 from Randolph Avenue. Once you enter Gate #3 take a hard right - you will find accessible parking just south of Randolph Avenue. You may also continue and go straight once you have entered Gate #3 where you will find parking spots available behind The O'Shaughnessy. Once you have parked please walk to the front of the O'Shaughnessy and proceed to the northwest entrance where the accessible ramp is located to pick up your tickets. If you already have tickets in hand, proceed to the far south entrance where the accessible ramp is located - please stay to the right as the accessible ramp forks - this will take you to your pre-arranged seats. Click here for a map and diagram.

Dropping Off and then Locating Accessible Parking: If you plan to be dropped off, please come early and enter Gate Number 2 off of Randolph Avenue. Once you enter Gate #2, you will circle the round-about counter-clockwise and then head toward the interior of the campus. The drop-off area is just beyond the stop sign. It is suggested that once you are dropped off, you proceed straight into the auditorium while your companion parks the vehicle. Accessible parking is available just behind the stop sign around the corner. Click here for a map and diagram.

For parking rules and regulations, please visit the St. Catherine University Parking Information page here.