For Teachers

Seating 1600 children in 30 minutes is challenging and student safety is extremely important, which is why your participation is essential.

We understand that getting back to school promptly will ensure that students do not miss lunch, class, or their ride home. By following our process, you will ensure that your group will be able to get back to school when expected.

1. We are able to unload and load a maximum of five (5) buses at one time. In order to do this, we ask that you keep your students on the bus or in their seats until you are given directions from one of our staff members. Students will be taken directly from their buses to their seats, and vice versa. This policy applies to all teachers and students, regardless of age, for every show that takes place in The O'Shaughnessy.

2. Headcounts are important - please do your headcount before you arrive at the auditorium while in transit and immediately after the show ends so we are able to keep the bus loading moving quickly.

3. Please cooperate with the ushers and resist the temptation to organize specific student's seating arrangements while we are in the process of seating your group. We usher your students directly from their bus to their seats, so consider seating students (and chaperones) on the bus in order of how you would like them to sit in the auditorium. You may also reorganize your group once you have been assigned your seats.

4. Restrooms are located under each lobby staircase (Men's on the North end of the lobby, Women's on the South end of the lobby). Please take your seats before taking students to the restrooms. Going to the restroom and getting drinks of water during a performance can be disturbing to those around you. Whenever possible, this should be taken care of before leaving school. We discourage restroom breaks after the show as we dismiss schools according to bus arrival. Note: The majority of school shows do not have intermissions for restroom breaks.

5. Dimming of house lights, blackouts, and strobes are often a part of many performances. This is a theatrical technique to show a change of location or the passage of time. Please prepare your students of this possibility and contact us if you have any concerns.

We hope that you have found this information helpful in understanding our process and we appreciate any help you can provide in making the day a success!

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us at 651-690-6743 or email