Welcome to The O'Shaughnessy! We are pleased that you have chosen our venue for your school arts program. We have hosted thousands of students and teachers and know that you will have an exciting and memorable experience.

In order to ensure a safe and smooth event for all guests, visit the links on the left. It is especially important to follow the school bus parking and drop-off guidelines; ARRIVE 45 MINUTES EARLY and STAY ON YOUR BUS until an O'Shaughnessy staff member arrives to give you further instructions.

If you are arriving via car or van please use our driving and parking directions. If you choose this option, please alert O'Shaughnessy staff of this decision.

If you have any questions regarding school show procedures, please contact Nora Bengel, Event and Administrative Manager, at 651.690.6743 or email at least 48 hours prior to your event.


We are happy to welcome your group to The O'Shaughnessy. Whether you are celebrating with your family, your colleagues, or just out enjoying the Twin Cities arts scene, we want to ensure that you have a pleasant experience at our theater.

Please visit the links on the left for information regarding your group's visit. It is especially important to note the parking and drop-off guidelines, as there is information about accessible drop-off points and bus parking.

If you have questions about your group's visit, please contact Ross Willits, Ticket Office Manager, at 651.690.6759 or email at least 48 hours prior to your event.